Mega Fishing Review & Free Demo

Mega Fishing Game by JILI, featuring Special Fish, Giant Prize Fish, Mega Octopus Wheel and so on. Learn more from our review and the free demo.

In Mega Fishing, you’ll explore the depths of the ocean, encountering a mesmerizing array of aquatic creatures, from deep-sea giants to elusive special fish.

As you navigate this underwater realm, you’ll have access to an arsenal of special weapons, each with its own unique abilities, and the power of strategic bet adjustment to tailor your gaming experience.

With boss battles, including encounters with Immortal Bosses and Awakened Bosses, as well as the chance to spin the Mega Octopus Wheel for incredible multipliers, Mega Fishing offers endless opportunities for fun and big wins. 

Free Demo: Mega Fishing

Mega Fishing Slot Game Free Play Demo

How to Play Mega Fishing



To play Mega Fishing, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and selecting the game room. Learn how to play Mega Fishing with guidance from our comprehensive guide below.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

In Mega Fishing, a thrilling online fish shooting game, it’s essential to grasp the game mechanics thoroughly to increase your chances of success and enjoy the game to the fullest. Let’s dive deep into understanding these mechanics, which form the foundation of your gameplay.

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

In Mega Fishing, one of the fundamental mechanics is the target control system, which offers an auto-shoot feature. This feature can significantly enhance your gameplay.

With auto-shoot, the game assists you in aiming and firing at the aquatic creatures, making it easier to hit your targets accurately. This can be a game-changer, especially when you’re dealing with fast-moving fish or elusive special fish like the Bomb Crab and Starfish.

Choose Your Weapon

Selecting the right weapon is paramount in Mega Fishing. You’ll have a variety of weapons at your disposal, each with its own attributes and abilities. Some of the available weapons include Torpedoes, Railgun, and Free Thunderbolt.

It’s essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon, as well as their cost in relation to your bet amount. Choosing the right weapon can significantly impact your success in the game, so make your selections wisely.

Bet Adjustment

Bet adjustment is a crucial aspect of Mega Fishing. Before you start playing, you’ll need to set your bet amount, which determines the stakes for each shot you take.

The game offers flexibility in this regard, allowing players to adjust their bets according to their preferences and strategies. Newcomers may opt for lower bets in the Newbie Room, while seasoned players might go for higher bets in the Honor Room for the promise of greater rewards. Understanding how to adjust your bets effectively is essential for optimizing your gameplay experience.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Once you’ve grasped the game mechanics, it’s time to dive into placing your bets and understanding the paylines. In Mega Fishing, the betting system is designed to accommodate a range of players, from beginners to high rollers. You’ll find different rooms to choose from, each with its own betting range. Here’s a breakdown of the available game rooms:

  • Newbie Room: Ideal for newcomers, with a betting range of 0.1 to 10 units. It’s a great place to start your Mega Fishing journey and get acquainted with the game.

  • Honor Room: For those seeking high rewards, the Honor Room offers bets ranging from 1 to 100 units. This room promises lucrative payouts for the risk-takers.

  • Joy Room: The Joy Room is the most popular choice, with a betting range of 0.1 to 50 units. It strikes a balance between risk and reward, making it a favorite among players.

Selecting the Game Room

Choosing the right game room in Mega Fishing is an important decision. It’s not just about your betting strategy; it’s also about the kind of gaming experience you’re looking for.

Newbie Room is perfect for beginners, offering a low-risk environment to learn the ropes. If you’re feeling confident and aiming for substantial rewards, the Honor Room might be your choice. For most players, the Joy Room provides an optimal balance between excitement and potential winnings.

Game Features of Mega Fishing

There are some game features of Mega Fishing that you must know, included Special Fish, Giant Prize Fish, Mega Octopus Wheel and so on. Let’s jump right in and review each of them mentioned below!

Special Fish

Mega Fishing offers a rich variety of aquatic creatures, each with its unique characteristics. Some of the standout species include:


Starfish: When a Starfish meets its demise, it creates a whirlpool around itself. This whirlpool has the power to ensnare and eliminate nearby fish, increasing your chances of success.

Bomb Crab: The Bomb Crab is a formidable adversary. Upon its demise, it hurls three explosive bombs onto the stage. These explosions have the potential to take out fish caught in the blasts, making it a lucrative target for skilled players.

Drill Crab: This unique creature drops an aimable drill upon its demise. The drill bounces around and ultimately detonates, creating a path of destruction and potentially eliminating fish in its wake.

Special Weapons

In Mega Fishing, you have access to a diverse arsenal of special weapons to aid you in your quest. These weapons include:


Torpedoes: While firing torpedoes comes at a cost of 6 times your bet amount, they offer a higher chance of eliminating fish. For those aiming to secure substantial rewards, torpedoes can be a strategic choice.


Railgun: Firing the railgun is a high-stakes endeavor, costing 15 times your bet amount. However, it presents an opportunity for chain lightning activation after successfully taking down a fish. If that fish happens to be a Drill Crab, you’ll unlock the maximum multiplier.


Free Thunderbolt: This unique weapon accumulates energy as you shoot. When the energy gauge is full, you can summon a thunderbolt, causing a large-range attack.

However, remember that energy conversion is tied to your bet proportion, and it resets after discharging or in the event of a game disconnection.

Extraordinary Rewards

Mega Fishing offers a plethora of rewards for your achievements. After eliminating special fish, players can win consecutively, with a chance to secure five times their winnings. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and the potential for substantial payouts.

Boss Battles

Get ready for epic encounters with bosses in Mega Fishing:


Immortal Boss: When the immortal Boss takes the stage, you have the opportunity to continuously win rewards by attacking it until it retreats. It’s a thrilling showdown where your skills can lead to incredible prizes.


Awakened Boss: After defeating the Giant Crocodile, it enters its Awakening phase, launching attacks on the fish in the stage. The more fish it takes down, the greater the rewards you’ll earn. It’s a dynamic and challenging aspect of the game.

Mega Octopus Wheel

uw88-mega-fishing-mega-octopus-wheel-uw88india1 uw88-mega-fishing-mega-octopus-wheel2-uw88india1

The Mega Octopus Wheel adds an element of chance to Mega Fishing. After defeating the octopus, you’ll have a chance to spin the wheel. Your immediate reward is determined by where the wheel stops.

If fortune smiles upon you and you land on the GOLDEN WHEEL, you’ll have an opportunity to spin it, with the chance to win an astounding 950X multiplier!


Proven Tips for Winning Mega Fishing

With our 8 proven tips, we can help you to win at Mega Fishing, included Master the Art of Target Control, Choose Your Weapon Wisely, Strategic Bet Adjustment, Spotting Special Fish and so on.

  1. Master the Art of Target Control (Auto Shoot): As discussed in “How to Play Mega Fishing,” the Auto Shoot feature is your ally. Use it to boost your aiming accuracy, particularly when aiming for elusive special fish.

  2. Choose Your Weapon Wisely: As highlighted in the previous sections, your choice of weapon in Mega Fishing is pivotal. Factor in your bet amount and the type of fish you’re targeting to make the best weapon selection.

  3. Strategic Bet Adjustment: Your bets should align with your gameplay strategy. Recall the diverse game rooms discussed earlier, each with its own betting range. Choose a room that matches your risk tolerance and objectives.

  4. Spotting Special Fish: Familiarize yourself with the behaviors of special fish like Starfish, Bomb Crab, and Drill Crab, as mentioned in the “Game Features of Mega Fishing” section. Identifying these unique creatures and adapting your strategy can significantly boost your winnings.

  5. Leverage Special Weapons: Maximize the potential of your special weapons—Torpedoes, Railgun, and Free Thunderbolt. Each offers distinct advantages, so deploy them strategically based on the game’s dynamics.

  6. Gather Energy for Thunderbolt: If you opt for the Free Thunderbolt weapon, remember to accumulate energy by shooting. Utilize the thunderbolt strategically for large-range attacks when the energy gauge is full.

  7. Boss Battle Mastery: In Mega Fishing, boss battles against the Immortal Boss and Awakened Boss are opportunities for substantial rewards. As mentioned previously, continuously attack the Immortal Boss while it’s on stage to maximize your winnings. When facing the Awakened Boss, aim to eliminate as many fish as possible to earn greater rewards.

  8. The Mega Octopus Wheel: After defeating the octopus, you’ll have a chance to spin the Mega Octopus Wheel. As highlighted in “Game Features of Mega Fishing,” the outcome can be highly rewarding, especially if you land on the GOLDEN WHEEL. Cross your fingers and spin for a chance at that incredible 950X multiplier!

By following these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the depths of Mega Fishing and increase your chances of victory. Remember that practice makes perfect, so hone your skills, adapt your tactics, and watch your winnings soar in this exhilarating online fish shooting game. Happy fishing and may fortune favor you!

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In conclusion, Mega Fishing is a captivating and action-packed online fish shooting game that offers players an immersive deep-sea adventure.

With its unique game mechanics, a variety of special fish and weapons, and the excitement of boss battles and the Mega Octopus Wheel, Mega Fishing promises endless entertainment and opportunities to win big.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, the game’s flexibility in bet adjustment and game rooms ensures there’s something for everyone.

So, embark on this underwater journey, sharpen your shooting skills, and chase after the thrill of victory and the chance to land that coveted 950X multiplier. Mega Fishing is where the ocean’s treasures and your gaming aspirations converge. Happy fishing!

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Mega Fishing is an online fish shooting game set in the depths of the ocean. In this game, you’ll encounter a wide variety of aquatic creatures, use special weapons, and have the chance to win big with strategic bet adjustments.

To play Mega Fishing, you’ll need to understand the game mechanics, place bets, and select a game room. The game interface includes features like target control, weapon selection, and bet adjustment.

Auto Shoot is a crucial feature in Mega Fishing that assists you in aiming and firing at aquatic creatures. It enhances your accuracy and is particularly useful when dealing with fast-moving or elusive fish.

Selecting the right weapon is essential in Mega Fishing, as each weapon has unique attributes and abilities. Your choice of weapon can significantly impact your success in the game, so it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, you can adjust your bets in Mega Fishing. The bet amount determines the stakes for each shot you take. Effective bet adjustment is crucial for optimizing your gameplay experience.

Mega Fishing offers various game rooms, including Newbie Room, Honor Room, and Joy Room, each with its own betting range. These rooms cater to players of different skill levels and risk preferences.

Mega Fishing features special fish with unique characteristics and a diverse arsenal of special weapons. Understanding these features is essential for success in the game.

Mega Fishing includes boss battles against Immortal Boss and Awakened Boss. These battles offer opportunities for substantial rewards and require skill and strategy to win.

The Mega Octopus Wheel is a chance-based feature in Mega Fishing. After defeating the octopus, you can spin the wheel for rewards, with the potential to win a 950X multiplier if you land on the GOLDEN WHEEL.

You can play Mega Fishing at UW88 Casino, a trusted online casino platform known for providing an exceptional gaming experience. UW88 Casino offers various game rooms, bonuses, and promotions for an immersive Mega Fishing adventure.

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