Super Rich God Slot Review & Free Demo

Super Rich God slot is developed by BNG. It has 5 reels with 95% of RTP, come with 25 paylines. Play Super Rich God slot demo and get your bonus today!

The slot’s Asian-themed aesthetics, adorned with a unique twist featuring three endearing babies seeking blessings from the titular Rich God, breathe life into familiar imagery. 

As you spin the reels, encounter special Wild and Scatter symbols, dive into the exhilarating Free Spins, and test your luck in the Hold and Win bonus game. 

With an engaging slot theme, innovative features, and strategic gameplay insights, Super Rich God promises an extraordinary gaming experience. 

Free Demo: Super Rich God Slot

Super Rich God Slot Game Free Play Demo

Details & Information of Super Rich God Slot

Software BNG
Slot Type Video Slots
Paylines 25
Reels 5
Min Coins Size 0.25
Max Coins Size 60
RTP 95.33%

How to Play Super Rich God Slot

To play Super Rich God Slot, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and spinning the reels. Learn how to play Super Rich God Slot with the help of our guide below.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Super Rich God Hold and Win is a captivating slot game that combines traditional Asian-themed elements with unique twists. To fully enjoy and maximize your gaming experience, it’s crucial to grasp the game mechanics.


Begin by exploring the paytable, accessible by clicking the info button in the top right corner. This detailed guide provides insights into symbol values, bonus features, and winning combinations.

System Settings

Navigate through the system settings to customize your gaming environment. Adjust visual preferences, sound settings, and other options to tailor the game to your preferences.

Bet Adjustment

Before diving into the game, set your bet amount using the plus and minus symbols or the stack of coins button. Establishing a suitable betting strategy enhances your chances of winning.


For a more hands-off approach, utilize the autoplay feature. However, be cautious, as it doesn’t include predefined limits. Always play responsibly and consider establishing win and loss limits.

Set Paylines

Optimize your gameplay by configuring the number of paylines according to your strategy. Understanding how paylines work contributes to a more informed and strategic gaming experience.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Super Rich God Hold and Win offers a range of betting options to suit different preferences. In free slot games, virtual money is provided, allowing you to wager between 0.25 and 60.00.

Like most online slots, winning involves matching symbols consecutively across paylines. The paytable outlines the value of each symbol, with higher payouts for longer combinations. Here’s a glimpse of potential wins at the minimum bet:

  • J, Q, K, A – 0.50
  • Blue baby – 1.00
  • Green baby – 1.50
  • Red baby – 2.00
  • Rich God – 2.50

The scatter symbol, resembling a golden money tree, pays 0.20 for three matches.

Spinning the Reels

Now that you’re familiar with the game mechanics, it’s time to spin the reels. Whether you choose the manual spin or opt for autoplay, the anticipation of landing winning combinations and triggering bonus features adds excitement to every spin.

Enjoy the captivating features of Super Rich God Hold and Win, including special wild and scatter symbols. Stay tuned for the exhilarating free spins round and the thrilling bonus game, where you can accumulate significant wins by strategically holding and winning bonus symbols.

Games Features of Super Rich God Slot

There are several important game features in Super Rich God Slot, included Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol and other features. Get ready to dive in and take a look at each of them mentioned below!

Wild Symbol


Experience the magic of the Wild Symbol in Super Rich God Hold and Win. This special symbol has the power to substitute for other symbols, creating winning combinations across the reels. Watch as the Wild Symbol unfolds divine fortunes, enhancing your chances of claiming substantial rewards.

Scatter Free Game


Dive into the heart of excitement with the Scatter Free Game feature. Discover the thrill of earning eight free spins by uncovering three scatter symbols. 

Unlike many other slots, there are no card icons during this feature – only high-paying symbols grace the reels, elevating the intensity of your gaming experience.

Bonus Game


Engage in the innovative Bonus Game, where the hold and win mechanics add an extra layer of anticipation. Find six bonus symbols to trigger three re-spins, with each new bonus symbol resetting the count. Throughout the re-spins, bonus symbols stick in place – a strategic move as you aim to fill all 15 positions.

At the conclusion of the Bonus Game, or when all 15 positions are filled, the rewards unfold. Whether it’s cash prizes, the mini jackpot, or the coveted major jackpot, each outcome adds to the excitement. Achieve the grand jackpot by successfully collecting all 15 symbols, turning your held symbols into triumphant wins.

Other Features


Beyond the Wild, Scatter Free Game, and Bonus Game, Super Rich God Hold and Win boasts additional features to elevate your gaming experience. Explore intricacies and surprises that contribute to the overall thrill, making every spin an adventure filled with potential riches.

Slot Theme

Immerse yourself in the captivating theme of Super Rich God Hold and Win. While embracing traditional Asian imagery, the slot introduces a unique twist with three cheerful babies seeking blessings from the Rich God. 

The red and gold color scheme, coupled with the melodious soundtrack, creates a familiar yet exciting atmosphere that sets this slot apart.





Tips to Win Big at Super Rich God Slot

Follow our 10 actionable tips below to win big at Super Rich God Slot, included master the paytable, utilize bet adjustment wisely, explore autoplay with caution, strategize payline selection and so on.

  1. Master the Paytable: Refer to the Paytable discussed in the How to Play Super Rich God section. Knowing the values and combinations of symbols empowers you to make informed decisions during gameplay.

  2. Utilize Bet Adjustment Wisely: As outlined in Placing Your Bet and Paylines, strategically adjust your bet based on your budget and gaming preferences. Responsible bet adjustment is a crucial element of long-term success.

  3. Explore Autoplay with Caution: While Autoplay, as mentioned in How to Play Super Rich God, offers convenience, use it judiciously. Without predefined limits, it’s essential to monitor your gameplay and ensure responsible gambling practices.

  4. Strategize Payline Selection: Revisit the concept of setting paylines discussed in Placing Your Bet and Paylines. Tailor your payline selection to align with your gaming strategy, enhancing your chances of hitting winning combinations.

  5. Embrace Wild Symbol Opportunities: Leverage the power of the Wild symbol highlighted in Game Features of Super Rich God. Identifying and capitalizing on Wild opportunities can significantly boost your chances of creating winning sequences.

  6. Strategic Approach to Free Spins: As outlined in Game Features of Super Rich God, aim to trigger the Free Spins feature by finding three Scatter symbols. During this bonus round, the absence of card icons increases the potential for high-paying symbol combinations.

  7. Master the Hold and Win Bonus Game: Delve into the mechanics of the Hold and Win bonus game, as discussed in Game Features of Super Rich God. Strategically hold bonus spins and aim for the grand jackpot by collecting all 15 symbols.

  8. Diversify Your Gameplay: Beyond the core features, explore the richness of additional features mentioned in Other Features. Immerse yourself in the overall gaming experience, appreciating the visuals and seamless gameplay designed for maximum enjoyment.

  9. Balance Risk and Reward: As you navigate the thrilling world of Super Rich God, strike a balance between risk and reward. Establish win and loss limits, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable gaming experience.

  10. Stay Informed and Play Responsibly: Recap the insights from the previous sections and maintain a commitment to responsible gambling. Stay informed about the game’s mechanics, features, and your own gaming behavior.

Armed with these strategic insights, you’re well-equipped to embark on your Super Rich God Hold and Win journey with confidence. May the divine luck be ever in your favor!


Recommended Online Casino for Super Rich God Slot

Recommended Casino to play Super Rich God Slot is UW88 Casino. With a reputation for reliability and fairness, UW88 provides a diverse range of slot games, including the exciting Super Rich God Hold and Win. 

Players can enjoy the game’s enchanting graphics, engaging features, and the potential for substantial wins within the welcoming confines of UW88 Casino. 

Additionally, the casino often provides attractive bonuses and promotions, enhancing the overall gaming journey. From beginners to seasoned players, UW88 Casino offers a dynamic platform to explore Super Rich God and other thrilling slots, ensuring a delightful and rewarding gaming experience.


In conclusion, Super Rich God Hold and Win emerges as a captivating journey into the world of online slots, seamlessly blending traditional Asian aesthetics with innovative gameplay. 

From mastering the game mechanics to unlocking the potential of bonus features, players are invited to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with divine luck and exciting twists. 

As you spin the reels adorned with adorable babies and the benevolent Rich God, anticipate an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Super Rich God Hold and Win stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and excitement, offering players a chance to chase extraordinary wins in a visually stunning and engaging online slot.

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The Super Rich God slot has a Return to Player (RTP) of 95%.

Super Rich God slot features 5 reels.

The Super Rich God slot is developed by BNG.

Yes, a free demo of the Super Rich God slot is available for players.

The game features special Wild and Scatter symbols, Free Spins, and a Hold and Win bonus game.

UW88 Casino is recommended as an online casino to play Super Rich God slot.

To play, understand the game mechanics, adjust your bet, explore paylines, and spin the reels. A guide is provided for detailed instructions.

The minimum coin size is 0.25, and the maximum coin size is 60 in Super Rich God slot.

Follow tips such as mastering the paytable, adjusting bets wisely, exploring autoplay cautiously, strategizing payline selection, leveraging Wild symbols, and understanding bonus features for a chance to win big in Super Rich God slot.

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